Capital Gains

Capital Gains are imposed on those selling a capital assets. For those individuals falling under an annual income of $50,000 I would work to decrease the rate from 2.1% to 1.4%. My innovative ideas will bring business owners to the state of Florida. I plan to propose a tax exemption for any new business that moves to the state of Florida for the first 2 years.

Citrus Trade Agreement

There are growing concerns for the lack of sales in the citrus industry. The sunshine state is known for oranges it has become symbolic with the state of Florida. As our chief export, and as a service to Floridians in the agriculture industry we must see it thrive again. I propose acquiring new accounts not only in Florida but in our neighboring states and around the country. In the 2014-2015 season, the Florida Citrus Commission approved a $4.6 Million dollar relief. Our history is built on the back of the citrus industry and we must see that it thrives in our future as well.

Counter Terrorism

Floridians must stay vigilant as our home has been home to the largest mass shooting in US History, and numerous other large scale shootings. These acts of violence will not continue to define our great states. Our 2nd amendment rights will be upheld so that citizens may protect themselves. Our police will stay vigilant and we will work together with community outreach experts in bridging relations between the community and our great men and women in blue. I plan to secure our state by adding counter terrorism officers stationed in regions throughout the state and I will work to support and expand the joint terrorism task force in Miami.

Education Reform

I think its time for some major education reform in our state. Florida should lead the nation in facilitating how we teach our children. We need to look at increased funding for all k-12 public schools so that we can provide better rescources and facilities for children. We must look at increased support for alternative schools such as charter schools, and trade schools. Our current governor has done tremendous work in putting education first and I will continue in those footsteps. Most importantly, we must pay our teachers more. They are molding the minds that will become our future. Florida currently ranks 31st in the nation for teacher salaries and I will pledge unlike any other candidate, to pay our teachers more.

Veterans Affairs

Our veterans deserve better. No. They deserve the BEST! We must take a look at VA reform in order to put an end to such nonsensical inconveniences like the long waits and long drives that the men and women who sacrificed so much should not have to endure. Under my administration, Florida will take the lead in the country and put our veterans first! I pledge to provide them with honor and care that they deserve. I will propose a statewide program to inform our veterans on the services they have available to them. For business owners that hire our senior and homeless veterans that want to work we will offer various forms of incentives.