Angel Rivera devotes his time developing and managing multiple companies. Rivera does so while still inspiring others to succeed and fulfill their potential. He is a man of many talents and his forward thinking has brought him success in various industries. Angel Rivera is the founder of Vera Wear, a company that he has nurtured for the past 10 years. Vera Wear is a fashion and entertainment company that boasts over 10 million customers worldwide.

Angel Rivera conquered the fashion world with an unorthodox approach that put art first. “There are no limits in fashion, I see it as art. Every piece is special and everyone observes it differently”. His ability to connect with people from all walks of life is what pushed him to the forefront of the fashion industry and this same ability to connect with all people will make him the best candidate for governor of Florida.

In his own words, “My family came to Florida 20 years ago seeking a better life. With hard work and determination to prosper, we were able to make Florida the Launchpad of our American dream” Rivera is a devoted father of two young girls and he will work hard to make sure that his children and your children will be allotted opportunities to spread their wings.

Personal Message from Angel

20 years ago my family came to Florida with hopes of a better life and because of this great State I have been able to prosper. I have two young girls and I want them to have the same opportunities I did growing up. Our nation and state will continue to face hard choices and the people we elect will be held accountable. I have ran multiple successful corporation and helped employee many Floridians. As an outsider I will bring real and meaningful change, keeping in mind the almost 20 million residents of this great state. I promise to keep our government open, transparent and accountable. In 2018 lets send the nation a message that we are a growing diverse State and that together we will prosper and change the status quo. Florida, let’s stand united, whether you’re a democrat or republican, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, we must stand together and create a bridge of understanding, by communicating concerns and addressing important matters, in order to implement the policies that Florida needs in order to thrive. it’s time we come together, and accept nothing but PROWESS FOR THE SUNSHINE STATE.