Angel Rivera for

Florida Governor

About Angel

With a decade spent managing multiple successful companies in the fashion industry, I have been faced with many challenges. I have learned that to overcome racism, inequality, and discrimination it starts with becoming a leader in your community.

I believe in the opportunities Florida can present to this great nation. Twenty years ago, my family came to Florida with hopes of a better life and because of this great State I have been able to prosper. My two young daughters will be afforded the opportunities I had growing up here in this amazing State and I want your children and family to have those things too. Our nation and State will continue to face hard choices and the people we elect will need to be held accountable.

I have run multiple successful corporations and helped employ many Floridians. As an outsider, I will bring real and meaningful change, keeping in mind the almost 20 million residents of this great state. I believe in an open and transparent governing process. It is your lives and well-being that I represent every day. I will take that knowledge with me into this position if elected and always work to protect and represent Floridians with the same tenacity and investment that I have given every day in my business. In 2018 let’s send the nation a message that we are a growing diverse State and that together we will prosper and change the status quo. To all Floridians, let’s stand united, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. We must create a bridge of understanding. Through communicating concerns and addressing important matters, we will implement the policies that Florida needs in order to thrive. Join me on this journey to reuniting Florida and investing in our future

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